Thief Fails Vol. 1

10 Thief Fails Vol. 1

1. Purse Thief Fail

In Brunswick, Georgia detectives detained a gentlemen who matched the description of a suspected purse thief and transported the man back to the scene of the crime. It was at this time he was asked to exit the police cruiser and face the victim for an identification. The suspect of the crime then saw the victim, and said, “Yeah, that’s the woman I robbed.”

2. Couch Nap Fail

In Nashville, Tennessee, a burglar broke into a home late one night and decided to sleep on the couch inside the victim’s house. He was then awakened by policed and subdued.

3. Frustrated Cajun Fail

In Thibodaux, Louisiana, a robber with a thick Cajun accent pulled a gun on guests at a restaurant in a frustrated rage because they could not understand he was robbing them. He pulled the trigger, but the gun would not go off. Now even more frustrated, he grabbed the cash register, ran, and then fell because the register was still plugged into the wall. He unplugged the register from the wall and took off again just to be knocked to the ground by a patron and held until police arrived.

4. Coin-Machine Thief Fail

In Rhode Island, a coin-machine thief reassured police that they caught the right suspect when he used only quarters to pay his $400 bail.

5. Streaking Store Robber Fail

In Texas, authorities seized a naked man who was fleeing the scene of a store robbery. “Why was the man naked?”, you ask. He told officers he stripped after the robbery because his cloths would make him easy to identify.

7. Foot Apparel Choice Fail

In Lawrence, Kansas, a late-night thief was easily tracked by officers due to his high-tech light up sneakers.

8. Work Uniform Fail

In Virginia, a man robbed a “Seven-Eleven” wearing a ski mask and driving a rental car in an attempt to avoid identification. He ruined his own plan by also wearing his work uniform which had his name stitched on the front over the right front pocket.

9. Nobody Move Fail

In Michigan, two nervous robbers entered a record store armed with revolvers. One of the would-be thieves was shot when his partner shouted, “Nobody move!”, and he moved.

10. Pant-less Robber Fail

In Germany, a robber scored a lot of loot but left his pants behind. He was then detained at a train station trying to board in his underwear.

Do you have a funny thief fail you would like to share? Post it in the comments below, and we will feature our favorite ones in the upcoming Thief Fails Volumes!

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