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10 Things Clever Burglars Don’t Want You to Know They Do

When you think of a burglar, do you think of a sharp, cunning individual who has experience in premeditation, stealth, camouflage, and plan execution? Well it’s time to start. Don’t get us wrong, the majority of thieves and criminals are not the brightest bulb in the ceiling fan, but for every ten, there is one who has taken time perfecting his/her approach. This is a list of ten things the clever burglars don’t want you to know they do.

1. A clever burglar takes time to find the perfect target.

These burglars will drive around for hours looking for homes with overflowing mailboxes, obstructed yards, no pets, and no alarm systems to ensure they get away with the most merchandise possible in one job. Their freedom is on the line after all.

2. A clever burglar avoids homes with security systems and residential surveillance.

Thieves avoid homes with security systems and cameras because, without surveying the locations of each of the cameras in disguise, it is extremely likely that they will get a nice candid photo for mom and dad when entering your home.

3. A clever burglar also avoids homes with beware of dog signs.

People who steal know that dogs are not going to make a job easy. Nothing screams “I don’t belong here” more than being viciously mauled by your victim’s best friend.

4. A clever burglar looks for homes that have a private yard.

Burglars do this because privacy is just as much their friend as it is yours. The less peering eyes can see what is going on behind the hedgerow, the better.

5. Stalk social media for information about when you won’t be home.

With the rise of social media, the act of sharing moments and plans with the world is more common than ever, and with social media’s build in search features, burglars can search for all the people within a designated area who have mentioned going on vacation. The burglar will follow your daily countdown to your much needed vacation and plan his/her strike while you are away.

6. Dress casual or like maintenance workers to avoid detection from neighbors.

This is one that you may not have thought about. Your neighbors don’t always know who your relatives are, who you have coming over for dinner, or if you called the plumber. A clever burglar will take advantage of this and dress to deceive.

7. Go straight for the master bedroom.

No matter your age, race, or background, valuables such as jewelry, electronics, rainy-day cash, social security numbers, debit and credit cards are typically always in the master bedroom.

8. Rarely go into a kid’s bedroom.

When a thief enters a home, the clock is on. They will hit all of the rooms they believe valuables will be in first and then move down the list. Fortunately for the little ones a thief doesn’t have much use in a hand-me-down teddy bear from the 80’s that was given by their grandmother when they were three.

9. Exit out the front door.

For the same reason they dress to deceive, burglars will walk right out your front door to avoid suspicion. Carrying bags full of valuables through a bathroom window would look a little too obvious. Don’t you think?

10. Fear an altercation just as much as you do.

A burglar doesn’t want to be discovered, so they will take every precaution to avoid a confrontation. Usually they are only after valuables and don’t want to hurt anyone, but extreme violence is very common when their back is against the wall. When an intruder comes in your home, it is safer to get to a safe place and call authorities to handle the situation.



At the end of the day, stuff is just stuff. It can be replaced. You can not, so take the necessary precautions and buy a home security system. Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into, and only 13% of home invasion cases are ever solved. Satisfy your need for peace of mind and call us at 615-666-3800 or fill out the form below to speak with a North Central Security Expert.




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